Care Compass


Smart functions, simple operation

The app was developed for clinical & nursing environments and enables you to train new employees faster.

The use and storage of medical equipment as well as internal processes and procedures are documented with pictures and descriptions in "stories".

The "stories" can contain notes, pictures and also room maps. In addition, important phone numbers are stored there and can be retrieved quickly even in emergencies.


Quick access to information
Station processes and important information can be read in articles and quickly found using the search function. In this way, work processes are always at hand.


Pictures, documents, contacts
Articles summarize station procedures as stories with the help of pictures, documents, descriptions and lists. With attached room maps, the location of equipment is always easy to find.

home screen

Everything in one view
All items can be found on the homescreen under the assigned categories. In addition, phone numbers and information are easily accessible and thus quickly retrievable in case of emergency

Advantages for you and your employees
Save time
Increase satisfaction
Data protection
Prices - simple and scalable


Just pay per user
We offer a fair billing model. The monthly fee is scaled according to the number of your employees. You only pay for what you use.


Individual offer
Do you want to add more features to your app? Do you need solutions that are specifically customized to your applications? We will be happy to create an individual offer for you.

Das sagen unsere Kund*innen

Der Care Compass hat mir die inarbeitung in mein neues Team vereinfacht.

Jonas Berg

Der Care Compass strukturiert unseren Arbeitsalltag und hat dazu beigetragen, dass wir im Team besser zusammenarbeiten.

Dr. med. Herzberg
Assistenzärztin Allgemeinchirugie

Der Care Compass strukturiert unseren Arbeitsalltag und hat dazu beigetragen, dass wir im Team besser zusammenarbeiten. Der Care Compass strukturiert unseren Arbeitsalltag und hat dazu beigetragen, dass wir im Team besser zusammenarbeiten.

Hanna Herzer
FAQ - Frequently asked questions

The Care Compass is suitable for all companies in the healthcare industry. Regardless of whether it is a clinic, nursing home or day care center, and regardless of whether you are a doctor or nurse - the Care Compass helps you to simplify your processes.

No. The Care Compass cannot and is not intended to replace training or personal contact among your employees. It merely offers support in everyday work, but is not used for the treatment of patients. It is therefore not a pharmaceutical product. It is merely a tool designed to make work processes more efficient.

Data security and privacy is an important issue for any company and we take this issue very seriously. Our systems are hosted on German servers. We only store the names and email addresses of the users. To ensure the security of the infrastructure, we also have to store IP addresses for a short period of time (maximum seven days). We do not need any more data from you.

The Care Compass presents internal processes, important information, storage and handling of medical equipment in a simplified and quickly findable way. This can be implemented with the help of documents, descriptions, images and also room maps. In addition, we are currently developing checklists and a push notification function with which you can quickly inform your employees about important changes.

To understand the problems and challenges of care services, we teamed up with caregivers and developed the app in close collaboration with them from the very beginning. This way, it was tested in practice from the very beginning and adapted so that we can meet your needs in the best possible way.

Care Compass supports Android and iOS operating systems. Your employees can use the app on their smartphone or tablet.

The editorial system is available online via all devices. However, we recommend using a PC for this purpose.

The use of Care Compass is 3 euros per month per user. This of course includes any system updates and you can contact us at any time if you have any questions.

Of course. If you are not sure whether Care Compass is right for your facility, we can set up a pilot project with you. For example selected employees or a station test the app for a certain period of time (usually three to six months) and thus have the opportunity to convince themselves of its usefulness. If you then decide to use Care Compass, it will be extended to other stations or departments. To what extent this happens is, of course, up to you.

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